Thumbprint Signature Program


The Thumbprint Signature Program was created to provide a simple, effective and inexpensive method for preventing and deterring check fraud. The deterrent aspect of the program is its strongest advantage.

How does it work?

The program works as a natural deterrent. Persons wanting to cash a check are asked to place an impression of their thumbprint on the face of the check using a small "inkless" touch pad which leaves no stain or residue on users or clothing. The procedure is quick, simple and clean.

Criminals seeking to commit check fraud are unlikely to put their thumbprints on bogus checks. Those who are foolish enough to cooperate leave a positive ID that can be turned over to law enforcement to be used in cases where fraud is suspected. In many cases, law enforcement will not pursue a check fraud case unless they have this ID.

Thumbprint Signature Products:

  • Touch Pads – The pads have a shelf life of 18 months or a minimum of 500 impressions. Be sure to order enough for all your tellers.
  • Decals – Post decals at all entrances to let people know you are participating in the program and to warn potential criminals that their crimes will not go undetected.
  • Window Displays – Post these 6x3-inch "tent-style" display signs at your teller windows as an additional reminder that you participate in the program.

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