The Southern Development Council (SDC) is your “one stop shop” for all U.S. Small Business Administration loan services.  SDC is a Certified Development Company, and consistently has the highest volume of SBA 504 loans in Alabama with exceptional banker satisfaction ratings.  As well as 504 loans, in cooperation with Alliance Capital Corporation, SDC offers lenders 7a loan packaging services and full cradle to grave loan servicing levels determined by the bank (minimum to complete).  Assistance for secondary market sales of 7a loans is also available exclusively through our relationship with Alliance Capital Corporation.

While serving as your 504 lending partner, 7a packager, or 7a service provider, customized training is available to ABA member banks on the various SBA loan programs.  Training may be delivered on site at the member bank, or via web training.  Our goals are to ensure that you are able to use the SBA loan programs to enhance the products available to your customers while minimizing risk for you.

SBA 504 Loan Benefits to Banks

  • Reduced risk on projects – resulting in 50 percent loan-to-value-ratio or better
  • Fixed or variable rate option on bank loans
  • Blending rates allow you to compete for strong projects and keeps the bank competitive by offering attractive financing for its clients
  • Low down payment requirements for each borrower produces more qualifications
  • Better cash flow coverage

SBA 7A Benefits to Banks
Lenders benefit from the federal guaranty, which in the event of loan defaults, requires the SBA to pay off a portion of outstanding balances.  The guaranty offsets some of the risk lenders face when lending to borrowers who may not meet conventional underwriting terms.  The SBA guarantees loans to borrowers who otherwise may not qualify for credit.  There is also potential fee income from secondary market sales of 7a guaranteed loans.

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