S&P Global Market Intelligence integrates financial and industry data, research and news into tools that help community banks track performance. The SNL Banker product offers community banks a powerful and affordable business intelligence solution which provides access to operating and performance data to drive better results.

With 100+ community bank business intelligence implementations completed, the SNL Banker team brings a wealth of experience that can help simplify the implementation and adoption of business intelligence for a community bank. SNL Banker provices community banks easy access to critical insights into daily operating performance while taking less time and effort than traditional month-end reporting. Role-based reporting functionality gives all departments access to reports that are relevant to them, whether they be in finance, operations, credit or on the commercial side.

As an all-inclusive, dynamic source for analysis, SNL Banker also streamlines budgeting and forecasting and positions sales and marketing teams with key insight to manage performance against goals.

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S&P Global Market Intelligence has been endorsed since 2017.