Finding your strategic edge can be as simple as looking at your check program. Customers typically identify their primary financial institution based on where they have their checking account. The check program’s numerous touch points — at the teller window, online, or over the phone — offer cross-selling opportunities for banks to deliver what customers want and need Deluxe Financial Services can help you make these check order interactions compelling and memorable, ultimately resulting in maximizing profitable revenue, customer satisfaction and retention. As part of our endorsement with Deluxe Financial Services, ABA bank members can expect to receive benefits including:

  • Competitive pricing and customized financial considerations aligned to your bank’s objectives;
  • Local, experienced representation and customer support;
  • Proactive consultation on helping grow fee income and reduce expenses;
  • Robust and turnkey reporting platform to monitor program performance;
  • Leading-edge order channel solutions that help improve branch efficiency and improve your customer experience; and,
  • A dedicated onboarding team to facilitate a seamless transition with no setup fees to convert your business to Deluxe.

For more information about the Deluxe Check Program. Contact Craig Sandvik at (623) 209-9197 or

Deluxe Financial has been endorsed since 2013.