Deluxe Check Program gives customers access to popular check designs, multi-layered defense for fraud protection and a wide range of product enhancements. By capturing more first-time check orders during account enrollment your financial institution can improve account holder satisfaction, branch efficiency, and noninterest income. Generate higher revenues and improve your account holder experience with the consumer check program from Deluxe. Contact Craig Sandvik at (623) 209-9197 or for more information about the Deluxe Check Program.

Deluxe Strategic Sourcing is a systematic and fact-based purchasing solution that optimizes FIs' supply base. When you use Deluxe Strategic Sourcing  , you'll see real savings - between 22% and 28% on the consumables you use every day. The solution consolidates purchasing for all your locations, helping you harness the buying power of a single-source supplier, cut your consumables cost, achieve better control and simplify your procurement process. Estimate your savings using our calculator tool. Contact Nick Paratore at (337) 849-4323 or for more information about Deluxe Strategic Sourcing.

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